What Does Hiking Have to Do With the Business of Referrals?

Imagine me, a large, yet light-footed guy, bouncing up a hot and dusty, 14-mile trail in the California foothills, alone, all in one day. And imagine that I grew up having never learned to set a single, solid goal for myself.

It’s true. For most of my life, I never practiced intentional goal setting. Even when I began to declare a few goals, I wouldn’t write them down. It was only when I started paying attention to successful people I admired and respected, that I could see the value in goal setting.

I’ve worked hard to learn to set goals, intentions, and declare them as well as write them.

This year I began working closely with a business coach to learn how to set WHYSMART goals. For those of you who don’t know, here’s what this nifty acronym stands for:

Written, Harmonious, Yours, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistically high, and Target Date

So I decided to take WHYSMART a step further with a physical goal.

For a long time I had dreamt of climbing Mt. Diablo. It’s a beautiful mountain in the Santa Ana Foothills, near the town of Lafayette. I visualized myself being up there – without the certainty as to how to accomplish it.

A wellness coach helped me create a vision statement to keep me focused and then a plan for a series of increasingly more difficult hikes until I was ready for the climb. I postponed it a couple of times.

Then November came around. I was ready and decided upon an unusually aggressive, wandering 14-mile trail that would traverse all four peaks of the mountain’s ridge.


So what does hiking have to do with business?
Every destination has a journey. Every successful business owner has a vision and a path. As 2014 winds down, I invite you to think about your business as a journey.

  • Where are you heading?
  • Don’t you want to feel confident with your vision?
  • Don’t you want clarity with your goals?

We all do. Just as I set goals for my climb, I plan for my business. I’ve worked hard to set intentional goals for my business. Today, I know exactly where I’m going and I’m ready for the unexpected twist and turns. In fact, I welcome them!

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